Protection Visa Statistical Breakdown (FY2020)

Australia’s Humanitarian program provides protection and resettlement to refugees and others in humanitarian need from all parts of the world.
During the 2020 Financial Year (which covers from July 2019 to June 2020), a total of 23,266 onshore Protection Visa Lodgements were made to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA).
The nationality of the Applicants were as follows:
  • Malaysia: 6,046
  • China (exc. SAR): 3,321
  • India: 2,866
  • Vietnam: 1,069
  • Fiji: 1,024
  • Thailand: 808
  • Indonesia: 775
  • Philippines: 659
  • Pakistan: 609
  • Taiwan: 423
In addition to 5,626 application from all other countries.
The biggest changes in lodgements by Citizenship compared to the 2019 Financial Year were vast, including the following:
  • India: Increase of 54%
  • Vietnam: Increase of 36%
  • Philippines: Increase of 35%
  • Pakistan: Increase of 20%
  • Indonesia: Increase of 15%
  • Malaysia: Decrease of 25%
  • China (exc. SAR: Decrease of 32%
  • Thailand: Decrease of 39%
Furthermore, a total of 1,650 Protection Visas were granted in the 2020 Financial Year, with a 9.8% Grant Rate. The most common Country of Citizenship were Turkey (205), Iran (180), Pakistan (164) and Iraq (134).
Due to the low Grant Rate, it is evident that this is a complex visa with many steps, including an interview with the DHA, completing several forms and more. If you wish to book an appointment with one of our Registered Migration Agents, please call Gold Migration Lawyers on 1300 320 300 today.
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