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Australian Family Visas

Our experienced Immigration Lawyers can help you to reunite with your family. Australian family visas are very complex and confusing. Applicants need to ensure that they select the right visa option and that they meet the eligibility criteria, otherwise the application may be refused.

Australian family visas are essentially uniquely designed with the aim of helping immigrants to Australia bring their relatives to join them and live here permanently. The various Australian family migration streams offer a range of visa opportunities; these include, provisional and permanent parent visas, child visa and remaining relative visas and even adoption visa. Each visa subclass will have different type of benefits attached to it. Choosing the right option is important; some visas allow you to stay in Australia whilst awaiting the processing of your application, other visa types do not provide this benefit.

At Gold Migration Lawyers, we have an experienced team of Immigration Lawyers who can make strong submissions to support your application. Sound knowledge of the Migration Act 1958 (Cth) and the Migration Regulation 1994 (Cth) is important for submitting a valid and decision ready applications to the Department of Home Affairs.

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Daniel White
Daniel W.
In my view these guys are legends, and they are the best migration law firm in Australia. I consulted 5 other migration firms and none of them could match the expertise of Gold Migration Lawyers. If you have a complex application, go to Gold Migration!read more
Salim Muhammed
Salim M.
Good people and they know the rules back to front. They gave me friendly service and good result.
Cherry Lau
Cherry L.
They are the BEST immigration lawyers in Australia. Highly recommended if you can afford them 🙂
Angela Parker
Angela P.
We hired Gold Migration Lawyers to assist us with our partner visa application. At the time the department’s processing time was over 24 months. GML lodged our application and it got approved in 4 months. We are extremely happy with the outcome as I know people who have been waiting for years for their partner visa. I highly recommend Gold Migration Lawyers. The team is amazing!read more
I am very grateful to the lawyer Peter Peng. Although my case is very troublesome, he was very patient to help me solve it step by step. At that time, I only had 20 days to provide supplementary information from the Immigration. I found this law firm, the owner, Ramtin.  He is very confidence and professional also made me full of confidence in him. They added different viewpoints and legal opinions in the explanation letter, which successfully made the immigration officer accept my explanation.  The next day after submitting the information, the Immigration officer immediately accepted my explanation and asked me to have a medical examination.It took two months to successfully get the Partner(820) VISA, I am very grateful to them  I highly recommend this law firm , they are really pro and they can help you slove any more
Bibi Mon
Bibi M.
I went to these lawyers trusting them they will be able to organise my permanent residency. I was a little worried with how much it costs but in the end I have to say they went above and beyond my expectations, they were worth every cent. I would like to mention and thank my lawyer Peter who looked after my case, very professional through the whole process. Gold immigration lawyers are the “gold” more
Ignacio Falcon
Ignacio F.
Amazing team of lawyers! Peter was extremely helpful and offered detailed guidance throughout the whole process. I highly recommend their services
Mauricio G Guerra
Mauricio G G.
Exceeded my expectations, good communication, very professional!
Leo Donnelly
Leo D.
They made the process very smooth, always there to answer my calls and give professional help even to the most minor detail.I felt like I was treated like family.Visa was processed very quickly and I would recommend them to anyone who would like assistance with the Visa more

frequently asked questions

To qualify for a Parent Visa, do all my children have to live in Australia?
No, you only have to have 50% (or more) of your children living in Australia. This way, you would meet the “Balance of Family” Test.
If I am the holder of a Parent Visa, am I able to work in Australia?

Yes, you will have full working rights, unless you hold a Sponsored Parent (subclass 870) visa.

The Visa costs and the processing times for Parent Visas are very high and long. Which other way can I bring my Parent(s) to Australia?

You can apply for a Sponsored Parent (subclass 870) visa. You can apply for up to 3 or 5 years at a time (up to 10 years maximum). It costs less and the processing times are usually less than 6 months.

What is meant by the term “Aged Parent”?

An aged parent is an individual who is of pension age in Australia. This changes regularly and can be found of the Department of Social Services website.

Who is the Child Visa (subclass 101 and subclass 802) for?

For children who have a Parent who is an Australian Citizen, a Permanent Resident or an eligible New Zealand Citizen.

Is an Assurance of Support (AoS) required for a Child Visa?

Sometimes it may be, depending on the circumstances. The AoS is a financial bond which is paid by an assurer to provide financial support to the Migrating Child. The assurer does not necessarily have to be the sponsor of the child. 

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