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Subclass 820 Visa & Partner Visa

Our Immigration Lawyers are able to ensure that your partner visa application is decision ready and meets all the requirements for a speedy visa process by the Department of Home Affairs. Our Lawyers have years of experience dealing with complex partner visa applications, including partner visa refusals (AAT appeal), and can guide you to ensure your application is not delayed and is successful.

Lodging an online partner visa application is not difficult and can be done in perhaps 1 hour. However, unless the information and supporting documents that you provide are correct, comprehensive and extensive, there will be high a chance of visa refusal. Unfortunately, partner visa case officers are not very flexible and always require significant amount of evidence to be satisfied that a relationship is genuine and ongoing.

Our Immigration Lawyers are able to advise you on the type of evidence that you can prepare to make a decision ready application. Our expert lawyers can also inform you if you are barred from sponsoring someone or point out any other weaknesses that your case may have.

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Before you apply for your partner visa, come and meet with one of our expert Immigration Lawyers in Melbourne or book a zoom consultation if you live anywhere else in Australia. We have clients all over Australia (NSW, Queensland, South Australia, ACT, Northern Territory and Tasmania). Our Lawyers are happy to discuss your application with you and ensure that you are doing your application correctly.

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If you are married to an Australian citizen or living with an Australian citizen in a de facto relationship, you may have the option of applying for a partner visa that will allow you to stay in the country on a longer-term basis. However, to maximise your chances of success, it is vital that you prepare all of your supporting documentation very carefully.

As highly experienced partner visa lawyers in Australia, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you prepare all the documents you will need and can advise you at every stage of the application process. We have helped people from all over the world to apply for, and obtain, an Australian partner visas and would love to help you obtain the visa you need as well.

In addition to our partner visa and spouse visa services, we also offer support for citizenship applications so if you already have a partner / spouse visa in Australia and you would like to make your stay a permanent one, please don’t hesitate to contact us and claim your consultation.

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No lawyer can guarantee the success of an immigration partner visa application but an experienced and well-informed professional can significantly increase your chances of obtaining the visa you need. At Gold Migration, we have many years of experience and stay up to date with the latest eligibility and application process changes, enabling us to offer a highly effective and efficient service to clients across the country. If you’re looking for a registered partner visa migration agent in Melbourne, Sydney or anywhere else in Australia, call and speak to us now. In addition to in-person consultations in Sydney and Melbourne, we offer online consultations in all other areas. We can also help with visa refusals: we may be able to help you lodge an appeal with the AAT and in the Federal Circuit Court if necessary.

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If you would like to get started as soon as possible, you can book a face to face consultation with a partner visa lawyer  in Melbourne or Sydney from our team right now. For applicants currently residing in another part of Australia, we can set up a video conference with one of our experts, during which you can explore your options in detail.

Once we have all the relevant information pertaining to your current status and desired visa, we can plan your application, making sure that it is supported with the evidence required by the immigration officials who will be evaluating it.

Additional services

We offer a full range of visa services in Australia, helping clients to make Australian protection visa, work sponsorship visa, business visa and family visa applications on a daily basis. If you run into difficulties with spousal sponsorship or any other aspect of your application for a partner visa in Sydney or elsewhere in Australia, we may be able to help you obtain a different type of long-term visa: all these options can be explored during your initial consultation if necessary. For businesses who wish to sponsor migrant workers’ visa applications, our corporate immigration lawyers provide a full advisory and support service.

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What matters to us most is what our clients have to say about their experience once everything has been resolved. Below are some of the messages we have received from people we’ve represented.

Courtland gavan-glover
Courtland G.
My wife and I, who had been separated due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, engaged Gold Migration Lawyers to help us be reunited after having been unsuccessful in doing so on our own. To go from feeling hopeless and having no idea how to move forward to leaving our initial consultation with Gold Migration with a firm plan and full confidence that the team understood our situation, to having a 309 Partner Visa approved just 4 months later (just 2.5 months processing time!) and being reunited with my wife in Australia just a few weeks after that goes beyond what a five-star review can convey, but needless to say we are extremely grateful for the always professional, prompt, and practical assistance of Gold Migration. Especially in cases like ours there is no price that can be put on what their hard work makes possible. Cannot recommend highly enough for working through visa and immigration solutions from the ground up.read more
Cherry Family
Cherry F.
Exceeded all all expectations....Andreas and team are the ultimate professionals....their level of customer service is second to none....took all the stress out of the process and delivered 100% in super quick time....the entire experience was made simple and clear from the start...will definitely be returning....read more
I am very grateful to the lawyer Peter Peng. Although my case is very troublesome, he was very patient to help me solve it step by step. At that time, I only had 20 days to provide supplementary information from the Immigration. I found this law firm, the owner, Ramtin.  He is very confidence and professional also made me full of confidence in him. They added different viewpoints and legal opinions in the explanation letter, which successfully made the immigration officer accept my explanation.  The next day after submitting the information, the Immigration officer immediately accepted my explanation and asked me to have a medical examination.It took two months to successfully get the Partner(820) VISA, I am very grateful to them  I highly recommend this law firm , they are really pro and they can help you slove any problem.read more
Bibi Mon
Bibi M.
I went to these lawyers trusting them they will be able to organise my permanent residency. I was a little worried with how much it costs but in the end I have to say they went above and beyond my expectations, they were worth every cent. I would like to mention and thank my lawyer Peter who looked after my case, very professional through the whole process. Gold immigration lawyers are the “gold” standard.read more
Ignacio Falcon
Ignacio F.
Amazing team of lawyers! Peter was extremely helpful and offered detailed guidance throughout the whole process. I highly recommend their services
Mauricio G Guerra
Mauricio G G.
Exceeded my expectations, good communication, very professional!
Leo Donnelly
Leo D.
They made the process very smooth, always there to answer my calls and give professional help even to the most minor detail.I felt like I was treated like family.Visa was processed very quickly and I would recommend them to anyone who would like assistance with the Visa application.read more
Alison B
Alison B
Thank you Andreas. He helped our company in record time.
Tin Maung Lynn
Tin Maung L.
Best lawyers/consultants in town, I highly recommend their consultation, worked with "Mr. Andreas" during my employer sponsor 186 DE visa with family application onshore, He is very active, friendly, helpful, thorough and detail oriented person. He managed to get employer nomination approval in just 10 days after application, and visa approval the next day after medicals cleared, This is the type of exemplary customer service they provide. Thanks to their expertise and experience. I am very happy and glad that we have engaged "Gold Migration Lawyers" to handle our application.read more

Partner Visa – frequently asked questions

Who can be a Sponsor for a Partner Visa?

An Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen.

Can I apply for a Partner Visa if I’m not married to my Partner?

Yes, you can. If you have been living together for at least 12 months you may meet the de facto criteria. Bear in mind that the 12 month living together requirement could be waived in certain circumstances.

What are the most common reasons for a Partner Visa refusal?

If insufficient evidence was provided to the DHA, failure to upload the right witness declarations, failing to respond to further requests from the DHA in a professional manner. Also if the Sponsor was not an eligible sponsor or has had issues with Family Violence and/or has a criminal history.

What kind of documents must I provide?

There is a large number of Time of Application (ToA) and Time of Decision (ToD) documents that you must provide. Depending on your circumstances, they vary. At Gold Migration Lawyers, we provide our clients with a Personalised Checklist. This checklist is normally more than 10 pages and is very comprehensive.

What other eligibility criteria must the Sponsor meet?

Other than previously holding certain visas, the Sponsor is not able to sponsor more than 2 individuals in their lifetime (exceptions apply); and no more than 1 individual per 5 year period (exceptions apply).

Will my Sponsor or I be interviewed by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA)?

It depends. The DHA may request an interview if you’re applying for an offshore Partner Visa. If you apply in Australia, it is unlikely that the DHA will request an interview.

What is an Australian partner visa?

A partner visa in Australia is a long-term visa for foreign nationals who are either married to, or in a de facto relationship with an Australian citizen. If you’re already in Australia, you’ll most likely want to apply for a subclass 820 visa before making a permanent visa application.

What are the requirements for a partner visa in Australia?

You can discuss all the eligibility details during your consultation with a partner visa migration agent or immigration lawyer in Melbourne or Sydney (or during your online meeting). The basic requirements at the time of writing are that you are 18 years or older, married or in a de facto relationship with an Australian citizen and are able to meet the health/character requirements.

Can you stay in Australia while waiting for a partner visa?

If you apply for a partner or marriage visa in Australia, rather than an offshore partner visa, you will normally be granted a bridging visa while your application is under consideration. This visa will enable you to stay in Australia until a decision on your application is reached. If you’re not sure about your current status and are worried about having to leave the country, please feel free to call and speak to one of our partner visa lawyers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin or Hobart. That’s right, we attend clients anywhere in Australia.

How much does the partner visa cost?

You can check all Australian Partner Visa costs by clicking on this link.

The fees we charge for assisting with applications for a partner visa in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Hobart or any other location vary depending on the details of each individual case. However, we always charge a fixed fee for our services and will be able to tell you exactly how much it will cost after your initial consultation: there are no unpleasant surprises to worry about when working with a partner visa migration agent in Sydney or Melbourne from Gold Migration.

How long is the partner visa valid for?

A subclass 820 marriage or de facto visa in Australia is normally valid for 2 years. Applicants who are eligible may be granted a subclass 801 (permanent) Partner visa after this period.

Can a partner visa sponsor have sponsored someone before?

A sponsor can only sponsor a maximum of 2 partners in the course of life (exceptions apply). And the sponsor cannot have sponsored another partner within the last 5 years at the time of the new partner visa application (exceptions apply).

There is a big age gap between me and my partner. Will that affect our partner visa application?

If you can demonstrate and provide enough evidence that the relationship is genuine, it shouldn’t be a problem. However, you need to make your application very strong in order to clear any doubt in the mind of the Immigration Officer. We have approved many clients with age gaps of 20, 30 or even 40 years.

Can I apply for a partner visa if I'm unlawful in Australia?

In that case, you need to have “compelling reasons”. The “compelling reasons” provision allows an applicant who is unlawful in Australia to regularise their status if compelling reasons exist.

Examples of “compelling reasons” are severe illness or a serious accident to name a couple.

Immigration officers should consider circumstances on a case by case basis.

Factors which the Department may consider when determining whether your circumstances are compelling include:

  • your history of non-compliance with visa conditions;
  • the period that you have been an unlawful non-citizen;
  • the reason/s why you became an unlawful non-citizen;
  • the reason/s why you did not seek to regularise your visa status sooner; and
  • the steps that you took (if any) to regularise your lawful status in Australia (other than applying for the current visa).

We highly recommend you look for professional advice if you’ve been unlawful in Australia and you wish to apply for a partner visa.



If you’re on a bridging visa at the time of a partner visa application, you will need a schedule 3 waiver. In other words, you will need “compelling reasons”.

Compelling reasons for granting a substantive visa can be both based on personal circumstances or circumstances of another.

Examples include but are not limited to:

  • The applicant and their partner have an Australian child; In this case the child might be adversely affected in the absence of one of the parents.
  • The Australian partner will suffer if the applicant is not granted the substantive visa; or
  • Circumstances which are beyond the control of the applicant, for example, serious illness or accident. For example, a serious illness prevented the person to apply for a new visa before the expiration of the previous visa.

That said, it’s not easy to convince the Department you have genuine compelling reasons. You should seek legal advice.

Here at Gold Migration we have successfully represented many clients with schedule 3 waiver applications…


Yes, you can register your relationship at Births, Deaths and Marriages if you live in one of these states: ACT, Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland or Tasmania. However, you need to show that you are living together but not necessarily for 12 months, as well as prove that you have a genuine relationship moving ahead.

Registration is not available in the Northern Territory.

Registration is available in Western Australia. HOWEVER, it CANNOT be used for Migration purposes. The DHA will NOT accept a Registration of Relationship Certificate from Western Australia.

If the relationship registration is not yet approved after you have lodged you partner visa application you will still eliminate the need for 12 months living together.

Having said that, if you haven’t lived with your partner for 12 months, we recommend you to seek legal advice as your chances of getting a partner visa refusal are high.

I’m on a visitor visa in australia. can i apply for onshore partner visa?

Yes, if you have a genuine relationship with an Australian resident or citizen and you meet the de facto criteria (12 months living together) you can apply for a Subclass 820 Onshore Partner Visa. If you don’t meet the 12-month criteria, you must register your relationship at Births, Deaths and Marriages if you are in one of these states: ACT, Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland or Tasmania. However, you need to show that you are living together but not necessarily for 12 months, as well as prove that you have a genuine relationship moving ahead.


If your current visa ends before you are granted the partner visa (SUBCLASS 820), you can stay in Australia on a Bridging visa A (BVA). You don’t need to apply for a BVA. You will be automatically granted BVA after you apply for your partner visa subclass 820. The BVA starts when your current temporary visa ends.

The BVA does not let you travel out of Australia and return. If you want to travel out of Australia, you must apply for a Bridging visa B (BVB).


Yes, you can work in Australia while waiting on your partner visa subclass 820 decision if you have BVA or BVB.


Yes, you can study in Australia while waiting on your partner visa subclass 820 decision if you have BVA or BVB. However, you are not entitled to Government support to pay for your studies.


Yes, you can enrol in Medicare while on BVA or BVB and waiting on your partner visa subclass 820 decision.


If you cancel your current visa you will become an unlawful non-citizen in Australia. This means you will not be eligible for a Bridging visa A, B, or C. You will only be entitled for a Bridging visa E. And you must lodge an application for a Bridging visa E.

The problem is that if you are holding a Bridging Visa E (BVE) you will need to meet schedule 3 criteria or compelling reasons to be able to apply for a partner visa subclass 820.


Below are the estimated processing time for all partner visas according to the Department of Home Affairs:

PARTNER VISA (SUBCLASS 820): between 23 and 30 months

PARTNER VISA (SUBCLASS 801): between 9 and 14 months

PARTNER VISA (SUBCLASS 309): between 21 and 28 months

PARTNER VISA (SUBCLASS 100): between 19 and 27 months

PARTNER VISA (SUBCLASS 300): between 25 and 34 months

But that’s not to say you can’t speed up your partner visa processing time.

Here at Gold Migration Lawyers we have had record-breaking partner visas’ processing times.

On 7 June 2021, a Nepalese national who hired us to prepare and lodge his partner visa application (Subclass 820) got it approved in only 3 months and 3 days.

Less than a month later, on 1 July 2021, a Thai client got her Partner Visa approved in just 4 months and 15 days.

What’s the secret? Visit this page to find out secrets, tips and advice to fast track your partner visa application.

how much does a partner visa immigration agent charge?

Partner visa immigration agent fees vary according to the experience of the agent or lawyer.

If your partner visa application is not an easy one, find the best partner visa agent to help you with your application. If you are serious about getting your partner visa approved, of course.

Think about it. It’s like a Doctor…

If you have some serious heart condition, you better off consulting with a top Cardiologist. Your chances of survival will dwindle if you just consult with a General Practitioner. And you definitely wouldn’t do your heart treatment with a Gastroenterologist, right?

Needless to say, the cost of a General Practitioner consult is much cheaper than a consult with a Cardiologist. But it’s of your best interest that you find a good cardiologist if you want to increase your chances of survival, even if you have to pay more for that.

Likewise, if you are applying for a partner visa, consult with an agent or lawyer who specialises in partner visas, even if you have to pay a little more for that.

As the old saying goes: “you get what you pay for”.

If your partner visa application is refused, you will have to appeal to the AAT. And to have good chances of having this refusal overturn in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal you will have to hire a very good lawyer. You will end up spending way more than if you had hired a specialised lawyer or agent to prepare and lodge your partner visa application from the outset.

Gold Migration specialises in partner visas. We have 12+ years of experience. And a staggering 98.9% approval rate.

In 2020, Gold Migration was rated “Best Partner Visa Lawyers” in Australia by TTL. You can contact one of our top partner visa lawyers by clicking here.

You can find more information here: Everything you need to know before booking your first consultation with a partner visa immigration agent.

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