Myanmar Military Conscription: How to Avoid It and Stay in Australia

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Several young men and women who have avoided conscription have recently been arrested at checkpoints or detained during night raids. The military is threatening anyone who defies conscription with imprisonment.

With the military desperate to increase its ranks, since 10 February 2024, young men and women are being forced into service against their will. The new wave of strict conscription enforcement is leading many to go into hiding or flee abroad.

All men aged 18-35, and women aged 18-27, are required to serve at least two years under military command.

In just a moment I will explain how you can avoid conscription and stay indefinitely in Australia. Stay with me!

Consequences of Defying Conscription

Defying military conscription in Myanmar can lead to severe punishments by the military government. Those who avoid conscription face arrests, jail time, heavy fines, and other penalties if caught.

According to reports, military authorities are conducting nightly raids to round up draft evaders. Once arrested, they are forcibly conscripted into the military and face harsh training and dangerous conditions fighting against resistance groups.

In some cases, resisters have been imprisoned for up to 3 years in hard labour camps. The conditions in these camps are extremely poor, with inadequate food, shelter, healthcare and rampant disease. Prisoners are subjected to torture, abuse and forced labour.

Some evaders have been shot and killed when confronted by authorities. The military government shows no mercy for those attempting to avoid the draft.

So, what should you do if you are currently in Australia on a student, working or tourist visa?

Avoid Conscription and Persecution – Apply for Protection Visa in Australia Now

It is highly recommended that Myanmar nationals currently in Australia on a student, work or tourist visa apply for protection visa subclass 866 urgently to avoid being forced to return to Myanmar and face conscription.

Australia offers protection for those fearing persecution in their home country. Applying for a protection visa allows you to remain in Australia permanently as a resident. With a protection visa, you can live, work and study without the threat of deportation to Myanmar.

The criteria for protection visas include proving a “well-founded fear of persecution” in your home country. Given the current climate in Myanmar and the risks associated with defying conscription, many applicants can demonstrate legitimate grounds for protection.

Before I go into more details about how you can apply for protection visa in Australia, let’s first check the benefits of protection visa…

Benefits of Protection Visa for Myanmar Nationals

The key benefit of applying for a Protection Visa is gaining permanent residency in Australia, as opposed to a temporary visa which would require renewal. With permanent residency, you gain:

– The right to live and work in Australia indefinitely, without restrictions on location, employment, education or healthcare.

– Ability to access social services and welfare, including Medicare, Centrelink, public housing, and higher education loans.

– Option to apply for Australian citizenship and passport after meeting residency requirements.

– Family reunion options to sponsor eligible relatives.

– Certainty about your future in Australia, without fear of visa cancellations, expiries or enforcement.

– Travel rights to leave and re-enter Australia freely.

Permanent residency provides a long-term solution and path to settlement in Australia compared to short-term visas. For Myanmar nationals seeking safety and stability, the Protection Visa represents the best opportunity to rebuild their lives in a country with one of the highest  standards of living in the world.

How to Apply for Protection Visa

Gold Migration has years of experience successfully helping Myanmar nationals obtain protection visas in Australia. Our dedicated team has assisted hundreds of people from Myanmar to get approved for protection visa.

We understand the challenges Myanmar nationals face and how traumatic the situation is in their home country. Our compassionate lawyers provide caring support each step of the way.

Over the years, we have achieved extremely high approval rates for Myanmar protection visa applications. Our extensive experience and deep knowledge of the process means we can expertly guide applicants to navigate the system successfully.

If you are a genuine Myanmar (Burma) citizen concerned about the conscription laws and you want to stay permanently in Australia, fill in the form below to book a consultation with us…

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