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We will identify your visa options by discussing your situation in depth with you. We offer a range of consultation options - this way, you get the best advice tailored to you.

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As soon as you engage our services you will be paired with one of our incredible lawyers who will look after you throughout the application process.

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We will ask you for relevant evidence and information so we can prepare and lodge the strongest application and submissions possible. We keep you updated every step of the way.

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Increase Your Chances of Obtaining an Australian Visa

If you want to boost your chances of obtaining Australian Visa, Gold Migration Lawyers can provide the assistance you need. Our focus is always on helping our clients, which is why we offer consultations to first determine whether we can assist you. We also offer fixed pricing so you know exactly what the cost will be for your visa application, saving you valuable time and money. When you need the expertise of migration experts in Melbourne or elsewhere in Australia to simplify the migration process, contact our team of experienced Immigration Lawyers today.

Assisting with a Range of Visa Types

Gold Migration Lawyers has experience successfully helping clients with applications for Partner Visas, Protection Visa, Business Visas, Employer Sponsored Visas, Citizenship and Visa Refusals.


  • Visa application process is now getting more difficult
  • Visa processing times are now much longer than before
  • Visa refusal rates are going up
  • Visa rules are always changing

Our lawyers have more than 10 years of immigration and visa experience and are more than capable of assisting you with your visa application.

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Applying for an Australian visa can be daunting, but we can help by doing all of the hard work for you. When deciding to let us help you with your application you are always covered under our peace of mind guarantee. In the rare event that your application is not successful, we will reapply for you at no extra cost – no questions asked.



Everyone in our team has exceptional knowledge and expertise in migration. We only choose the best to be part of the team at Gold Migration Lawyers! Our team members are:

We work hard for our clients and we get immense satisfaction when we call them to let them know that their visa application was approved! Let us deliver the good news to you! Book online Now!


It is very important to make a strong application to the Department of Immigration from the outset. Once you made your visa application, your claims and information provided on the forms will be used to make a decision on your case. Our team can assist you from the beginning to prepare a strong application for you to increase your chances of approval. We will also lodge your visa and go to your visa interview to support you. We will assist you every step of the way to make sure you have full support and your case is presented in the strongest possible manner.

We solve migration problems

We work with people from all over the world, providing expert assistance with applications for all types of visas. If you are currently living in Australia on a temporary visa, we can help you to obtain the correct visa you need to stay here on a long-term basis. We can also help you to apply for citizenship if you would like to make your stay permanent. As an experienced Australian migration agent with an in-depth knowledge of the application process for various different visas, we can put together an application on your behalf that maximises your chances of success.

Visa lawyers in Australia for difficult cases

Our expertise is not limited to new visa applications: if you have already had an application refused or you have health/legal issues that are complicating your application process, we can assign a top Australian immigration lawyer to your case. Our lawyers are very familiar with the intricacies of the law and how it applies in such cases, and know exactly what information and evidence is required to solve even the most difficult of issues.

Arrange an initial consultation now

Whether you wish to apply for an Australian partner visa, work sponsorship visa or a refugee visa in Australia, we invite you to make an appointment for an initial consultation with a member of our team. We can also help you to apply for an employer sponsored visa or a family visa if you meet the relevant criteria. If you are unsure which visa type to apply for, please don’t worry: during the consultation, we will discuss your current situation in detail and can help you to choose a visa type that meets your requirements if you have not already done so.We will, of course, make sure that you meet the criteria for any visa you wish to apply for and will collect all the necessary supporting documentation from you before lodging your application. As the best immigration lawyers in Australia, you can rely on us to protect your interests and provide you with the best representation possible at all times.

Registered migration agent in Australia

As an OMARA registered migration agent, we follow the Code of Conduct set out by the Australian government at all times. What this means to you as our client is that you can trust us to provide an ethical, efficient service, to charge fair and transparent fees and to do our very best for you. It also means that any money paid to us for visa application assistance is held in a protected account until we have delivered those services to you. In short, as an official migration lawyer in Australia, you can rely on us to provide professional assistance with your visa application and accurate advice relating to all aspects of immigration law in Australia, as it pertains to visa applications.

Nationwide service from the best Australian migrant agent

With offices in Melbourne and Sydney, and virtual consultations available across the country, you can easily arrange a meeting with us, wherever you happen to be in Australia. Contact us by phone, email or by completing the form at the bottom of this page and we will make all the necessary arrangements. We look forward to helping you obtain the visa you need to stay in Australia.

Helping People Just Like You

What matters to us most is what our clients have to say about their experience once everything has been resolved. Below are some of the messages we have received from people we’ve represented.

Tin Maung Lynn
Tin Maung L.
Best lawyers/consultants in town, I highly recommend their consultation, worked with "Mr. Andreas" during my employer sponsor 186 DE visa with family application onshore, He is very active, friendly, helpful, thorough and detail oriented person. He managed to get employer nomination approval in just 10 days after application, and visa approval the next day after medicals cleared, This is the type of exemplary customer service they provide. Thanks to their expertise and experience. I am very happy and glad that we have engaged "Gold Migration Lawyers" to handle our application.read more
Amina Ahmed
Amina A.
After having some issues with another migration agent, the team at Gold Migration Lawyers took over and were extremely proactive. I recieved my permanent visa within a week of the team taking over. Would recommend to anyone looking to start a visa applicationread more
Miron Igglezakis
Miron I.
Χιλια ευχαριστω Ανδρεα! Η καλητερη εταιρια στην Μελβουρνη για τους Ελληνες!
Holly Graham
Holly G.
Gold migration helped me get my Permanent Residency here is Australia. Very professional and always got back to me extremely quickly, they took care of all the paperwork and made the whole process very easy for me. Glad I used them.read more
Steve Salli
Steve S.
Thank you for helping my family! Thank you Andreas for getting our visa in weeks 🙂 very nice office snd over all experiance
Arifa Rahman
Arifa R.
Very professional, quick response. Very satisfied with their service. A special thanks to Andreas and his team.
Sidi Sangkahan
Sidi S.
I’m very satisfied with the service of Gold Migration lawyers and especially Peter, will definitely recommend this firm for anyone requiring migration services.
Leslie Stepanovik
Leslie S.
Helped me with my matters. A big thank you to the team. Andreas and Ramtin thank you.
Miroslav Stojiljkovic
Miroslav S.
Great service and guidance throughout the whole process. Highly professional in approach - not over-promising but delivering above expectations (10 months for visa that can take up to 26). Big thanks to Ramtin, Peter and the whole team.read more

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will Gold Migration help me decide which Australian migration visa is best for me?

During your initial consultation, we will gather all the information we need about your current situation and status in Australia, along with details of your future plans and desires. We will then help you to choose the most appropriate visa for your circumstances and assign the best immigration lawyer on our team to help you obtain it.

What type of migration assistance and lawyer services does Gold Migration offer?

We offer a full range of services for individual visa applications in Australia. We also have a team of experienced corporate immigration lawyers who assist businesses across the country with short-term and long-term visa applications for migrant workers. Whether you are looking for a first-class partner visa migration agent or a business visa expert, Gold Migration is your best option.

What can an immigration lawyer do for you? Can using one speed up application processes?

Whilst we cannot influence the speed at which immigration officers work, we can make sure that your visa application includes all the information, evidence and supporting documentation that is required, thereby avoiding any unnecessary delays once it has been lodged.

How does a consultation with Gold Migration work?

The purpose of an initial consultation is to establish which types of visa you qualify for and are most likely to be granted. We do this by gathering as much information as possible about your current circumstances, then discuss all of the available options with you.

Does Gold Migration have offices?

Yes, we have offices in Sydney and Melbourne. If you are in a part of the country that is far from both of our offices, we can arrange a virtual consultation using video call technology. No matter where you are, you can consult the best visa lawyer in Australia about your visa application.

How much does it cost to consult an immigration lawyer from Gold Migration?

The fees we charge are based on the complexity of the applications we handle but they are fixed, so there are no unexpected costs to worry about. Furthermore, as we are a registered Australian migrant agent, you know that our fees will always be fair and based on the amount of work we actually do for you.