Protection Visa Interview Waiting Time

Protection Visa Interview Waiting Time

Protection Visa Interview Waiting Time – Why So Long?

The protection visa interview waiting time is in line with your protection visa processing time, which depends on many factors. I will go into more details in just a moment. There is something you can do to potentially speed up this process.

The Department of Home Affairs website states that the current average processing time for a protection visa (subclass 866) is around 36 months. This is an extremely long wait compared to other Australian visa types like skilled work visas, which can be processed in a matter of weeks or months.

The main reason for your protection visa interview waiting time dragging for many years is that protection visa applications are in most cases drafted very poorly by applicants who opt to do it themselves or with the help of migration agents who do not specialise in Protection Visas. But don’t worry, if you have already lodged your protection visa application, there is something you can do to fix all mistakes and improve your application in order to potentially get it granted in a record time.

The most concerning problem is that claims are not adequately substantiated. There is a lack of evidence and no country submission. Request for more information by the Department are often needed to clarify inconsistencies or get more details.

With so many hurdles, officers are unable to rush through these weak applications. To make things worse, most protection visas are destined for refusal…

Protection Visa Interview Waiting Time – Why your Protection Visa is Likely to be Refused if You don’t Take These Quick Steps…

According to statistics from the Department of Home Affairs, over 80% of protection visa applications done without the assistance of professionals who focus on protection visas are refused. There are several reasons these applications tend to get refused after years of wait:

  •  Applicants do not properly explain their claims of persecution or threats to their safety. The statements come across as lacking detail or credibility to the department.
  •  Important evidence to support the claims is not gathered or submitted as part of the application. Things like medical reports, police records, or witness statements are missing.
  •  Applications have factual or legal errors that undermine the applicant’s credibility and chances for approval. Simple mistakes can lead to refusal.
  •  Applicants do not follow proper procedures or meet evidentiary thresholds when submitting their applications. Even small procedural issues can cause problems.
  •  Interview preparation is inadequate. Applicants are unable to fully explain their circumstances or recount details. Memory issues raise credibility concerns.
  • A thorough country submission is not included in the application.
  • Applicants perform poorly in the protection visa interview

Without an experienced lawyer reviewing the application, finding errors, gathering supporting evidence, and preparing the applicant thoroughly for the protection visa interview, the Department of Home Affairs has no choice but refuse your application. Hence the high refusal rates and longer protection visa 866 processing times. But if you are really serious about your protection visa and you really want to stay in Australia, there is something you can do to salvage your protection visa application…

Strengthen Your Application Now if You Want to Accelerate Your Protection Visa Interview Waiting Time and Get an Approval

Even if you have already applied for a protection visa on your own or with an unexperienced migration lawyer or agent, it is highly recommended that you get an experienced lawyer who specialises in protection visas to look at your application and strengthen your claims. Unlikely most agents and lawyers, Gold Migration offers this service. They can even take over the application from your current lawyer if you are not happy with their services.

Gold Migration Lawyers can review your case and find ways to add new claims and improve your application. They will look for additional evidence and witnesses that can support your story. They will also do a thorough research and compile a complete country submission. Likewise, they will help ensure your statements are consistent, detailed, and persuasive.

Gold Migration lawyers know exactly what the Department of Home Affairs looks for in credible protection visa applications. They can guide you to structure your claims in the right way to meet the legal criteria.

And here is the thing…

Gold Migration Lawyers is the only migration company in Australia that will also prepare you thoroughly for the protection visa interview, so you can confidently explain your case and avoid mistakes, contributing to get your protection visa 866 processing time faster and your application successful.

What happens before the interview starts…

First, if required, an interpreter will be introduced to you by the Immigration Officer.

If you can’t understand the interpreter, you can ask him (her) to speak more slowly. And if necessary, ask them to repeat what they said. If it’s still hard to understand, you should notify the DHA Officer. In this case, the interview will be postponed to another day with a new interpreter.

The officer may begin the interview by explaining to you the visa application process and what a refugee is.

He may also ask you if you promise to tell the truth. If you are religious, this could happen with the use of a religious book.

Then the protection visa interview questions will start.

What kind of protection visa interview questions may the officer ask you?

One of the questions that you will be asked is:

How likely is it that you will suffer harm if you return to your country of origin?

Then the officer will ask you some questions to test if what you have said in your written application is really true.

He or she will try to find any differences between what you have written in your application and what you are saying during the protection visa interview.

Do not make things up during your protection 866 visa interview.

If there is any difference between your story now and the story you wrote in your application, explain why there are differences.

If you don’t remember something, just say you don’t remember.

The officer should tell you if he finds out any discrepancies between your protection visa interview answers and your written application, giving you a chance to explain that.

There might be questions regarding travel records. Which countries have you travelled to and from?

There might also be questions regarding information you have shared on social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube).

However, most questions are very specific and related to your case. I will explain this in just a moment.

Before that, I want to touch on the reasons you may fail your protection visa interview…

A great proportion of protection visa applications are refused soon after the interview…

What’s the advantage of speeding up your protection visa interview waiting time if you haven’t prepared for it.

Here are some of the most causes for failure during the protection visa interview.

The officer spotted differences between the applicant’s written declarations and his answers during the protection visa interview and he was not able to justify that.

It doesn’t matter if you are nervous or have a memory blackout. Anything you wrote and anything you said may be used against you.

The protection visa interview will be recorded. Therefore, you cannot undo what you have said.

Just like a school exam, you need to be well prepared for your protection visa interview. Otherwise you will fail. Forget about the protection visa interview waiting time for a moment. Let’s focus on making sure you are 100% prepared for your interview.  

So, how do you prepare for your protection visa interview questions?

Gold Migration Lawyers is the only migration company in Australia that has a robust system to potentially reduce the protection visa interview waiting time whilst training people for the protection visa interview questions…

Gold Migration lawyers will tailor mock-up protection visa interviews to meet each individual case.

Based on the applicant’s reason for protection visa, we create a series of protection visa questions that could be asked by the immigration officer during the interview process.

And we simulate the entire interview process in our office.

Then after the simulated interview, we provide feedback to our clients. And we arrange a time for another simulated interview.

And we repeat the process until we feel the client is well prepared to answer all protection visa interview questions satisfactory. This is a great approach in order to take pressure off clients during the protection visa interview waiting time.

We also prepare our clients psychologically, so they know how to react in front of the officer and answer every question in the smartest possible way.

Not only that, we also attend the real interview with our clients. And during the interview break, we are there to assist them with any problem that may arise.

After the interview we have a good idea if our clients have performed well or not. And most of our clients who attend our mock-up interviews and follow our advice will do extremely well.

If we find necessary, we will also make new submissions right after the interview.

If you want us to prepare you for your protection visa interview, give us a call or click here to send us a message as soon as possible. Our calendar is usually very busy.

Apart from training our clients for the protection visa interview, we also strengthen our clients written applications, during the protection visa interview waiting time, with as much evidence and new country research information as possible, before they attend the protection visa interview.

To give you an idea, on 03 March 2022, when we attended a protection visa interview with one of our clients, the case officer said this, at the start of the interview:

“I’ve never said this to anyone, but this is the most detailed Protection Visa Application I have ever seen.” 

Protection Visa Interview

SBS published on 9 September 2019 that “more than 90 per cent of protection visa cases are refused” in Australia. And a poor performance in the protection visa interview is the main culprit.

If your protection visa interview waiting time has extended for too long, chances are that your protection visa application could be refused.

So what happens if your protection visa application gets refused.

If your protection visa application gets refused the first time, your chances of staying in Australia will be very slim.

You will have to appeal.

You may have to go to court. 

Avoid that at all costs. 

Prepare for your protection visa interview as best as you can.

We are the No. 1 protection visa lawyers in Australia, and potentially the only ones truly helping applicants to prepare for their protection visa interview…

Last year, we were rated as “Best Protection Visa Lawyers in Melbourne” by “Top 10 Lawyers”. 

We have even successfully represented individuals at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) when their protection visa applications got refused and they had little hope to stay in Australia. 

But as I said before, you want to avoid getting your protection visa refused at any cost. And the best way is to prepare to perform at your best in your protection visa interview. 

If you want us to help you with your protection visa and potentially speed up your protection visa interview waiting time, whilst preparing you for the interview, fill in the form below…

Attention: We’ve been experiencing a high number of protection visa interview preparation enquiries. But we promise we will get back to you as soon as possible.



protection visa interview questions
Protection Visa Interview Questions

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What matters to us most is what our clients have to say about their experience once everything has been resolved. Below are some of the messages we have received from people we’ve represented.

I would like to thank Peter Pang (he has left) and Walt Calis for their absolutely amazing and caring nature. Peter was an absolute gem. When I heard that he had left, I was devastated. However that feeling didn’t last long as Walt helped me with my visa application after. He has always been so prompt in responding to my emails, so caring, and friendly. Nothing was ever too difficult for him and he made sure I was well informed and updated throughout the whole process. Although my visa application was a long wait of 4 years, we made it through. He called me to deliver the good news and I can’t thank him enough. Thank you once again Walt. I appreciate you and everything you have more
Natalie Nyein
Natalie N.
I was so stressed about applying for a protection visa because I heard about how difficult it was to apply for and the rejection rates, but Saemeh and her team made the process easy and seamless. All I had to do was fill out some forms and send out my documents and they took care of everything! If you are a Burmese citizen looking for a protection visa I couldn't recommend anyone better to handle your more
Pramela Raja Desinggit
Pramela Raja D.
I cannot speak highly enough of my lawyer Mr Walt and his exceptional representation throughout my appeal process at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). From the moment I engaged their services, I was impressed by their professionalism, expertise, and unwavering dedication to my case.Mr Walt demonstrated an unparalleled understanding of migration law and meticulously prepared my appeal, leaving no stone unturned. His clear communication and guidance throughout the entire process alleviated any concerns I had, providing me with the confidence and reassurance I needed during what was undoubtedly a stressful time.What truly sets Mr Walt apart is his genuine care for his clients. He took the time to understand my unique circumstances, and his personalized approach ensured that my case received the attention it deserved. His strategic legal arguments were both persuasive and compelling, ultimately leading to a favorable outcome at the AAT.I am immensely grateful to Mr Walt for his unwavering support and tireless efforts on my behalf. Thanks to his expertise and dedication, I can now look forward to a positive future in Australia. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr Walt to anyone in need of expert migration legal services.Thank you once again for everything.Sincerely,Pramela Raja Desinggitread more
I am highly thankful to Saemeh Ghasemi and Carolyn Araboghlian for helping me to get visa for my wife and 12 years old step daughter.I was stuck with any other migration agent for almost 2 years but no response from immigration.Someone has recommended me Gold migration and I received my visa in 5 months with their hardwork and well prepared lodgement of my file.Little bit expensive for me but really worth it.Thanksread more
Nay Zaw
Nay Z.
Saemeh has been very supportive and knowledgeable. Highly recommended.
Abdul hamid Adam
Abdul hamid A.
My partner and I walked into Gold Migration for the first time in early November 2023 for seeking help about my case in AAT. Saemeh Ghasemi help me and support me through with everything that I need to prepare for hearing in next few week. Saemeh Ghasemi also accompany and attend AAT hearing with me. Saemeh Ghasemi always give us mentally support, tell us don’t be stress. In January 2024, Saemeh called me and give me a good news, that we won ATT. Thank you Saemeh Ghasemi, you make my self and my partner can be together and stay in Australia together. Thank you Gold migration more
Simon m
Simon m
I engaged Gold Migration, because I had left things a little too late and there were some factors that were too complicated and too confusing and too high risk for me to do on my own.My first meeting with them was by video. I was looking at a set up with lined up desks much like you see in a court room drama. There were 3 people in the room. They asked me to describe my circumstances and they answered my questions. They were forthright and pulled no punches, they told me the risks and the issues I would have to deal with. Then they conferred together and then gave me a price. It wasn’t the most expensive I had been quoted, nor the cheapest, but what impressed me about them was the machine like efficiency they dealt with the problem from the beginning. There are NO surprises from this firm. They lay out all the costs at the time of engagement, they tell you the steps they will be taking and their approach.Remember this is Immigration you’re dealing with, even expert lawyers have no control over such a department, timescale is not in the control of you or your lawyers.For the first month it was a flurry of activity for me. They sent me a cloud based drive to upload all my documents and evidence to. They reviewed it and made suggestions. All of the statements they asked me to write came with examples and best way to write them. Then they told me they had everything they needed and to leave it with them. On reflection I realised I had witnessed a highly experienced team in action. They asked for and got what they needed, it was explained and documented and organised. They have a very efficient set of procedures they follow and they make sure all the boxes are ticked before they submit.You can’t fault this level of experience and practical application, you basically pay them and go along for the ride. Over the months as immigration dealt with the case they came back to me a few times and asked for more information. I know they wrote reports and fielded questions from immigration but all I got was a comment that everything was tracking as planned.The most interesting part for me to see was the obvious pleasure and satisfaction they enjoyed when they called me to tell me we finally had the PR visa. They took it personally and that meant a lot to me.Are they expensive ? Well that depends, how much is having your family members live with you in Australia worth to you ? They are not the cheapest , they are not the most expensive, but I am confident that they are the best!If you are worried about getting a loved one or a valued worker a visa, or you are having issues with your visa, you should not hesitate to go with the gold standard. Go with Gold Immigration and sleep better at night knowing your visa issue is in good more
Jalal Razavi
Jalal R.
Entrusting Gold Migration Lawyers was the best decision I ever made for my parents to obtain a safe and secure future here in Australia. A life changing decision for them.Our case manager was Saemeh Ghasemi who was instrumental in ensuring their Protection Visa was thoroughly detailed and solid. Saemeh was very kind caring and took extra effort to understand and appreciate the dire situation of my parents and was very supportive all the way to a successful "Visa Granted" outcome.Thank you Saemeh and team for your dedicated and supportive service to me and my parents."Gold Migration Lawyers indeed provides GOLD CLASS service" and I strongly recommend them to our family and more
Daniel Esdaile
Daniel E.
My partner and I had walked into Gold Migration for the first time in May of 2023. I was anxious at I knew by the time we would have to lodge our partner visa we would not have lived together for 12 months. Walt had given us the reassurance that all would be okay, I instantly felt that sigh of relief through the professional and welcoming service that Walt and his team had provided. We then began our journey with Gold Migration Lawyers, the whole time Walt had been there to support us through every enquiry and every piece of evidence. We eventually submitted our visa in October with every bit of confidence of a positive outcome. In February we got out 820 grant, the moment Walt had told me that the visa had been granted I began to cry of happiness. Thank you Walt! Thank you Gold migration lawyers, you have allowed myself and my partner to be in Australia more