WARNING: Delivery of Partner Visas will be subject to demand and visa processing requirements (Federal Budget 2022-23)

In 2021, the Australian Government had confirmed that new changes to partner visas would be implemented.

On 30 March 2022, the Federal Government stated as part of the 2022-23 Budget that:

“Partner visa granting arrangements will move to a more demand driven basis going forward.

Delivery of Partner and Child visas will be subject to demand and visa processing requirements” 

It’s not yet clear what that means exactly.

What we know from 2021 reports is that the Australian Government was planning to make it a requirement that all partner visa sponsors be approved first, before applicants can lodge their applications.

That’s why, if your current visa is expiring soon and you intend to apply for a partner visa, you should do it as soon as possible, before these changes take place.

Let me explain what could happen…

Partner Visas are currently processed this way…

Partner visas applications are done in two steps:

  • Applicant application
  • Sponsor application

At present, the “applicant application” is lodged first. And the “sponsor application” follows through.

Up until now, you don’t need to get the “sponsor application” approved first.

But that could change soon.

With the potential new changes, sponsors will need to get approved before their partners can apply for a partner visa…

The approval of sponsorship can take from 3 to several months.

See, if your visa is expiring within a year from now you could be in serious trouble if you wish to apply for partner visa onshore…

Let’s say you get the sponsorship application lodged.

7 months pass and the Department of Home Affairs doesn’t make any decision on your sponsorship application.

Meanwhile, your current visa expires.

You will find yourself illegal in Australia. Unable to apply for a partner visa.

For the past two weeks, people have been calling our office every minute of the day desperate for help…

That’s because they know Gold Migration has had record-breaking partner visas’ processing times and a high approval rate.

On 7 June 2021, a Nepalese national who hired Gold Migration to prepare and lodge his partner visa application (Subclass 820) got it approved in only 3 months and 3 days.

More recently, we had a partner visa granted in only 2.5 months.

Right now, eligible applicants want to lodge their partner visa applications quickly, before the new changes come into effect…

But you got to be careful!

If you rush out your partner visa application you are likely to get a refusal..

The refusal rate for partner visas in Australia is very high. In 2018, 42% of partner visas were denied.

If you don’t know how to put together a “decision-ready” partner visa application and you are running out of time, fill in the form below and get in touch with one of our partner visa lawyers before the potential new changes come into effect…

The partner visa changes could also require applicants to meet English language requirements…

At present, partner visas do not require applicants to meet any English language requirements.

But this is also about to change in the next month or so.

Visa applicants and their sponsors will need to provide evidence of a functional level of English

If you think you may struggle to meet the new partner visa English language requirements that could happen soon, contact us ASAP, so we can help you lodging your partner visa application before the new changes come into effect.

P.S.: Gold Migration has a 99.9% success rate for partner visas. In 2021, Gold Migration was rated “best partner visa lawyers in Australia” by TTL.