James Scott

Client Executive

James Scott Protection Visa Lawyer

James is dedicated to qualifying you for the visa you’re looking to apply for by asking you specific questions. With a background in consultations across various industries including film, media advertising, real estate, and telecommunications, he has also held supervisory and managerial roles in several of these fields and now works as an immigration consultant, which he is truly passionate about.

James Scott Protection Visa Lawyer

Coming from a Pacific Island background, James and his family were helped by immigration to move overseas for a better life when he was a child. Grateful for the chance, he has gone on to assist clients who want the same opportunity with excellent outcomes.

In addition to his professional work, James has volunteered to teach English at a TESOL Korean school in Auckland, New Zealand for a year when he was between the ages of 8 and 15.


  • Diploma of Business Management and Administration in Finance (UNITEC)
  • Diploma of Aviation (Ardmore Flying School)
  • Qualified in Teaching English (TESOL Certificate)


  • Protection Visa Enquiries
  • Partner Visa Enquiries
  • AAT Refusal Enquiries
  • Citizenship Application Enquiries