Foreigners getting their Partner Visas in Australia granted in Just 4 Months

(The secret behind a Reddit post)

Reddit Partner Visa

Angel and her partner had been talking on Reddit when they decided to meet in front of Melbourne’s Flagstaff station.

Later that night, they went to StoryVille, a fairy-tale-themed bar on Lonsdale Street.

A week later they found themselves binging on NETFLIX while eating UberEats and drinking Vodka Cruisers in his apartment.

Nothing more than an ordinary encounter followed by an ordinary relationship between a foreigner and an Australian citizen…

If it were not for the fact that this couple had been granted a Partner Visa just 4 months after lodging an application…

According to the Department of Home Affairs, it takes between 21 and 26 months to process a Partner Visa (Subclass 820) application in Australia.

And here we have a couple who got their partner visa (subclass 820) granted in only 4 months.

That’s the most intriguing part of this story… and the reason I’m writing this letter.

Could their encounter on Reddit have played a part in this super fast decision by the Department of Home Affairs?

And can you take advantage of this “secret”?

We know that most people who hangout on Reddit are nerds, geeks and very intelligent people…

Hidden inside millions of Reddit pages lies the secret behind some of the most successful people in the world.

Could Reddit hold the secret behind Angel and her Australian partner getting their visa approved in just 4 months?

Rumours have it that they heard about 2 lawyers in Australia, Ramtin Diznab and Walt Calis, who had been lodging partner visas in a different way…

The different approach to lodge a fast-processing Partner Visa…

These lawyers had been treating every Partner Visa application like a movie script.

Let me explain…

If you take one page out of a movie script or if you mess up with its page order, nobody will understand the movie, right?

The same goes to your partner visa application.

If you don’t follow a good sequential narrative throughout your story, the case officer will be doubtful at best and lost at worst.

What’s more, documents and photographs must be paired with the right statements, backing up all written claims.

Think of it as the storyboard built after the movie script…

If you need help with your partner visa, you can contact either Walt Calis or Ramtin Diznab through this link.

Don’t get me wrong! Everything from facts to evidence must be 100% genuine. These lawyers are not making up stories. But they are presenting them in a sequential, very compelling and easy to understand format.

And that’s a skill they have mastered in the course of 12+ years lodging partner visas in Australia.

Think of these lawyers as the script writers and storyboard artists to some of the most successful Hollywood movies.

Their success is such that they haven’t had a single partner visa refusal in the past 2 years. WOW!

100% approval rate in Partner Visas…

I know! 100% approval rate is hard to believe.

They even had other migration companies submitting complaints to the Victorian Legal Services (Board + Commissioner) because they believed they were making false claims regarding their outstanding approval rate.

The Victorian Legal Services requested the lawyers to provide information in regards to these claims.

Upon submission of all evidence and information, the Victorian Legal Services was satisfied and convinced of their impressive partner visa approval rate.

Their popularity is now so high that they have been rated as “Best Partner Visa Lawyers in Australia” by “Top 10 Lawyers” and “Top Experts”. And they even got interviewed by Authority Magazine.

Best partner visa lawyer

Apart from lodging partner visa applications like writing a movie script, they are very technical and hold a professional background that would cause envy in any migration lawyer in Australia…

Ramtin Diznab has been admitted to the Supreme Court of Victoria and the High Court of Australia and has jurisdiction to appear in all Federal Courts of Australia.

He has also given an interview to Authority Magazine as a top-lawyer in the migration field, a magazine that has interviewed celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton, Shaquille O’Neal, Seth Godin and other superstars.

Whereas Walt Calis has been commended multiple times in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) for his excellent submissions while representing clients who had their partner visas refused by the Department of Home Affairs.

On 14 March 2023, an AAT member arrived at the Tribunal indicating she had read Walt’s submissions, describing them as “excellent submissions”. As a result she decided to remit the DHA decision in favour of Walt’s client. Another big win for Walt and Gold Migration Lawyers.

You can book a consultation with Ramtin Diznab or Walt Calis by filling out this form…

P.S.: On 7 June 2022, a Nepalese national who had hired the lawyers got his Partner Visa (Subclass 820) approved in only 3 months and 3 days. On 1 July 2022, a Thai client got her Partner Visa approved in just 4 months and 15 days.

Even though Walt and Ramtin don’t guarantee your visa application will be processed in 3 or 4 months, I have no doubt they know all the tricks that it’s making it easier for the Department of Home Affairs to make those super-fast decisions.