If You Are a Myanmar (Burma) National Living in Australia, You Could be Eligible to Stay Permanently in Australia 

According to ABC, the Australian federal government has announced it will extend Myanmar (Burma) nationals visas until it’s safe for them to return home…

But what if you want to stay permanently in Australia?

Even if things get better in Myanmar (Burma) , you could still face political persecution for many years to come…

Especially if you have been campaigning against the military coup online. 

That’s why you should consider applying for a protection visa as soon as possible.

Right now you have the best chances to succeed in your protection visa application and stay permanently in Australia. 

But you have to be quick. 

Immigration laws can change at the drop of a hat. 

If you are a genuine Myanmar (Burma) citizen and you believe your life is at risk, click here to book a consultation with us.

In just a moment I will explain why you should apply for a protection visa as soon as possible.

Before that, let me address the main issue…

Quite often these protection visas are refused by the Immigration Office.


So what happens if your protection visa application gets refused.

If your application gets refused the first time, your chances of staying in Australia will be very slim.

You will have to appeal.

You may have to go to court.

Avoid that at all costs.


Oftentimes, Myanmar applicants don’t have a good command of the English language.

Or they don’t have the time and resources to properly write their claims for protection.

There are ambiguities, contradictions and even grammar mistakes in their claims.

What they are trying to say can be easily misinterpreted by the Immigration Office…

Worse still, they are not able to provide documents and evidence to support their claims.

This could lead to your application being refused. 

Anything that could spark doubt in the mind of the Immigration Department could jeopardise your protection visa application.

There will also be an interview…

The immigration officer will ask you lots of questions.

And if you answer something wrong or say something irrelevant, your application will be refused.

This interview is very important.

You need to prepare for this interview just like you study to pass school exams.

If you are a genuine Myanmar (Burma) citizen and you believe your life is at risk, click here  to book a consultation with us.

Myanmar (Burma) nationals know they can’t afford to get their protection visa application refused.

Their life is at risk.

But it’s not only about their safety… 

It’s also about a unique opportunity to live in a country with the world’s highest standard of living… 

Everyone wants to live in Australia. 

Wages in Australia are much higher than most other countries. 

And right now Myanmar nationals have such an opportunity. And they don’t want to waste it.

They have a once-in-a-life-time chance to do the right thing and secure a protection visa and a permanent residence in this country.

That’s why they come to us. Sometimes desperate for help.

They know we are the No. 1 protection visa lawyers in Australia.

We are the No. 1 protection visa lawyers, helping Myanmar nationals to stay in Australia…

Source: Photo taken in our office on Level 1/394 Lt Bourke Street, Melbourne

Last year, we were rated as “Best Protection Visa Lawyers in Melbourne” by “Top 10 Lawyers”. 

We specialise in protection visas. 

But most importantly, we care about people.

We are determined to help Myanmar nationals currently living anywhere in Australia.

98.9% of our cases get approved.

If you are a genuine Myanmar (Burma) citizen and you believe your life is at risk, fill in the form below to book a consultation with us. We will hear your story and examine all possible avenues to make sure you stay in Australia. 

Attention: As of 25 May we’ve been experiencing a high influx of consultations. But we promise we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Kevin C.
This firm are so professional and efficient! They kept me well informed through the whole process and were very helpful with guiding me through the application process 10/10 Gold Migration Lawyers!
Jean Linis-Dinco
Jean L.
If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. We got our visa approved in 4 months. Kiri is such an amazing person. Everyone is so professional and friendly.
Jona Watts
Jona W.
Highly recommend Gold migration lawyers. The process was effortless and my visa has just been granted.
widia mardiana
widia M.
From the first Zoom meeting, the team at Gold Migration Lawyers are very helpful. Even though all the process were done online and we never met in person, but they are professionals in their job and have earned my 100% trust, especially Saemeh Ghasemi who followed up my prospective marriage visa till it was approved. It took me 6 months to get my visa approved, which is fantastic. I highly recommend them. Keep up the good work, guysread more
Mark Isherwood
Mark I.
My partner and I used Gold Migration to get a partner visa. They really helped us get everything we needed together for the application and answered our many questions. We got our application processed in only four months.
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad A.
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Rexhep B.
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Zuhayr Ali
Zuhayr A.
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