Partner Visa Immigration Agent

Everything you need to know before booking your first consultation with a partner visa immigration agent or lawyer in Australia 

Partner Visa Immigration Agent

So, you have been dating an Australian permanent resident or citizen and you think you may be eligible to apply for a partner visa in Australia.

You scour the internet to make sure you meet all the requirements…

After reading a few pages, questions pop into your mind.

And you decide to book a first consultation with an immigration agent.

YAY! The first consultation is FREE!

But, don’t get overexcited…


Most immigration agents out there who offer a free first consultation are generalists.

In other words, they do not specialise in partner visas.

Think for a moment…

When you go to a Doctor who is a General Practitioner, chances are that you will get a free consultation. Medicare will cover it.

But let’s say you have a heart problem.

Most likely the General Practitioner will refer you to a Cardiologist.

However, that will not happen in the immigration industry.

If you go to a first free consultation with a generalist immigration agent, he will try to persuade you to hire him to help with your partner visa application even if he doesn’t specialise on partner visas.

Often times, they will not even know if you really qualify for a partner visa. They might even lie to you.

If your partner visa case is not an easy one, it’s highly recommended that you book a consultation with an accredited and specialised partner visa migration agent or lawyer.

First of all, check if your partner visa immigration agent is a registered migration agent with the Office of the Migration Registration Authority (OMARA Register). You can check it here.

Then pay attention to how many years of experience in partner visas the migration agent has.

If they got more than 5 years of experience, good. If they got more than 10 years, perfect!

Now go and book your first consultation with them.

Most likely it won’t be a free consultation!

SO how much does a SPECIALISED partner visa immigration agent charge FOR A FIRST CONSULTATION?

Partner visa migration agent or lawyer fees vary according to the experience of the agent or lawyer.

Agents and lawyers with over ten years of experience IN PARTNER VISAS, will charge between AUD $200 and AUD $400 for the first consultation.

But rest assured, they will answer all your questions and clear all your doubts. Peace of mind!

At the end of the consultation you will know precisely if you can apply for a partner visa and what your chances of success are.

Should I hire the specialised partner visa migration agent after going through the first consultation with them?

If the partner visa immigration agent was very knowledgeable during the first consultation and answered most of your questions, it’s a good idea to hire him or her to help you with preparing and lodging your application. Especially if your case is not straightforward.


Partner visas have a high refusal rate.

In 2018, 42% of partner visa applications were denied. Most of them were lodged by applicants without the help of a partner-visa-specialised migration agent or lawyer.

If you are not 100% sure the specialised partner visa immigration agent is really a great one, go check his Google reviews.

For example, if you go to Gold Migration Lawyers reviews on Google at the time of this writing, you will find the last review left by one of our clients:

“My wife and I, who had been separated due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, engaged Gold Migration Lawyers to help us be reunited after having been unsuccessful in doing so on our own. To go from feeling hopeless and having no idea how to move forward to leaving our initial consultation with Gold Migration with a firm plan and full confidence that the team understood our situation, to having a 309 Partner Visa approved just 4 months later (just 2.5 months processing time!) and being reunited with my wife in Australia just a few weeks after that goes beyond what a five-star review can convey, but needless to say we are extremely grateful for the always professional, prompt, and practical assistance of Gold Migration. Especially in cases like ours there is no price that can be put on what their hard work makes possible. Cannot recommend highly enough for working through visa and immigration solutions from the ground up.”

That shows how satisfied clients are with our services and results. So far we have had 98.9% approval rate. And that shows in our Google reviews.

You can go even further and search for the best partner visa immigration agent or lawyer in Australia…

Chances are you will come across Gold Migration Lawyers once again as the top partner visa migration agent or lawyer in Australia.

And I don’t say it lightly…

In 2020, Gold Migration was rated “Best Partner Visa Lawyers in Australia” by TTL.

No, we don’t have special connections with decision makers in the Department of Home Affairs.

But we hold a professional background that would cause envy in any migration agent or lawyer in Australia…

Our own Peter Pang is a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of NSW and High Court of Australia.

He has also been the Academic Advisor of China Law Society in Hong Kong since 2007.

Whereas Ramtin Diznab has been admitted to the Supreme Court of Victoria and the High Court of Australia and has jurisdiction to appear in all Federal Courts of Australia.

You can contact one of Gold Migration top partner visa lawyers by clicking here.

Why you should consider hiring the best partner visa migration lawyers in Australia?

Because they will not only increase dramatically your chances of getting a partner visa approval, but they could also fast track your partner visa processing time…

Gold Migration has had record-breaking partner visas’ processing times.

On 7 June 2021, a Nepalese national who hired Gold Migration to prepare and lodge his partner visa application (Subclass 820) got it approved in only 3 months and 3 days.

Less than a month later, on 1 July 2021, a Thai woman who also hired Gold Migration got her Partner Visa approved in just 4 months and 15 days.

More recently, we had a partner visa (Subclass 309) granted in only 2.5 months.

What’s the secret?

You must lodge a “decision-ready” application if you want to fast track your partner visa processing time. But how do you do that?

According to Ramtin Diznab, Gold Migration Principal Lawyer, part of the secret to speed up your partner visa processing time lies in how you structure the statutory declaration.

Events must follow a sequential order.

Everything must be interconnected.

No inconsistencies.

Preparing a “decision-ready” partner visa application is almost like writing a movie script says one of the top partner visa lawyers in Australia…

If a script writer takes one page out of a movie script or if he messes up with its page order, nobody will understand the movie.

The same goes to your partner visa application. If you miss an important document in your partner visa application or if you don’t follow a good structure and sequential-narrative throughout your statements, the case officer will be doubtful at best and lost at worst.

What’s more, documents and photographs must be paired with the right statements, backing up all written claims.

Think of it as the storyboard built after the movie script…

See, the success of a short-time-processing partner visa application relies on sequential storytelling…

You need to combine all different stories into a single unit.

You got to please the case officer… Not make his job difficult.

Don’t get me wrong! Everything from facts to evidence must be 100% genuine. But they should be presented in a very compelling and easy to understand format.

And that’s a skill that Gold Migration Lawyers have developed in the course of 12+ years specialising in partner visas.

Think of Gold Migration Lawyers as the script writers and storyboard artists to some of the most successful Hollywood movies.

No wonder in 2020, Gold Migration was rated “best partner visa lawyers in Australia” by TTL.

If You don’t know how to put together a “decision-ready” application with a compelling sequential narrative in order to increase your chances of speeding up your partner visa processing time, fill in the form below and book your first consultation with one of Australia’s top partner visa lawyers…

P.S.: Our partner visa processing time success has even been featured in a Reddit story. Read the story here.

Helping People Just Like You

What matters to us most is what our clients have to say about their experience once everything has been resolved. Below are some of the messages we have received from people we’ve represented.

Rexhep Behluli
Rexhep B.
Andreas has done an amazing job on my visa application, in the verge of loosing hope, Andreas has come through, Andreas is the man for the complex visa applications can’t thank you enough for your efforts
Zuhayr Ali
Zuhayr A.
To the team at gold immigration lawyers. Not only are they true professionals, they are nothing but a team of champions. I cannot speak highly enough to Sarah McNeil and Saemeh Ghasemi for turning dreams into reality.Sarah and the team transferred a situation of turmoil and despair into a lifetime change in short amount of time.Highly recommend the team at gold more
Sonia Ramjathan
Sonia R.
From the first day me and my partner went to Gold migration,they were very welcoming and very professional. They process my partner visa last year in August and i got both my 820 and 801 visa granted together in May this year,we are very grateful that we went to see them for doing our application. Specially thank you to Sarah McNeil who look after our visa she was excellent from the start to finish.I would recommend gold migration to my friends and family.everything was done perfectly without any doubt and very helpful as more
Sadiya Chang
Sadiya C.
I recommend Sarah McNeil for anybody looking to get help with their protection visa.She has been amazing and because of her hard work and so much dedication towards my case the case officer only spent 25 minutes to take my interview and my visa was granted within a month after the more
Jaea Youn
Jaea Y.
Saemeh, who was looking after the partner visa application, was amazing. Prompt reply, great communication, and friendly! Thank you Gold Migration. I got my visa granted in just 2months and 2 weeks! Much quicker than expected.
sam saab
sam S.
From the first call and conservation we had ,I knew they are the right lawyers for the job. We did a meeting and I didn’t even need to think about it twice , it was clear they are the right people ( lawyers ) for the job , they professional with a high level of attention for details and great communication skills and fast responses .very accurate about all requirements and how to address it .we kept a steady communication through the process and gave us a full guidance and help n our paper work . As a result my wife visa was granted in a record time . Like to thx all the team at Gold lawyers , special thx and appreciation for Andreas ,Kiriaki and Rita .Much love and respect .read more
Patrick Cadei
Patrick C.
Perfect service and everything is looked after very well. They managed to get approved the Visa I was seeking within an excellent timeframe. Strongly recommend their services
Jake Cockburn
Jake C.
Gold Immigration lawyers helped us to get our Visa is Record time! We are very happy with the experience and excited for the next step of our journey!Thank you very much!Would recommend!!!
Bryan Mármol
Bryan M.
I am very thankful to Gold Migration for helping me obtain my permanent residency through the protection visa in a record time of 11 MONTHS. Since the beginning, they have been very professional and Kiriaki accompanied me and guided me through the whole process. She always looked out for me and thanks to her and the entire team, I achieved my residency.I would highly recommend them and thank you again.Bryan Marmolread more